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Morning Star Child Development Center is dedicated to the fulfillment of the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each child enrolled in the center.

These needs determine the programs we design, select, and establish.

Evidence shows that the early years, from birth to age six, are the most formative. Gradual sequential learning at this stage can be easy, fun, and important to a developing child.

During the early years, the child learns with the greatest ease and is most responsive to the practical phases of teaching.

To the young child. learning is a natural function of childhood and occurs effortlessly in a nurturing and creative environment.

The Morning Star curriculum focuses on the individual needs and interests of our children.

This self-directed learning program encourages children to freely explore their world and the role they play in it. Detailed and daily communication with parents ensures consistency between home and preschool activities.

Our curriculum is also based on the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TNELDS) as well as criteria set forth by NAEYC.

Our highly trained staff is commited to caring for your child and also presenting them with the greatest gift of a life time, instilling in them a love of learning, exploring, and creativity.


  • Parents orientation night in Fall
  • Fall and Spring photography
  • Celebration of the "week of the young child" in April
  • Hearing and speech tests
  • Season appropriate field trips
  • Multi-cultural activities & celebration other
    culture's holidays
  • Graduation ceremony in May
Morning star staff celebarating graduation
Image of an infant


In our infants program, we offer a home away from home which includes a loving, caring, and nurturing environment similar to your own home. Our primary concerns are the infant's health, safety, and security.

We play with them, cuddle them, sing and rock with them just as you would at home. We emphasize developing a warm and stable relationship with each baby.

This is established by maintaining a low ratio in each of our infant rooms. The teacher to baby ratio for the youngest infants (Inf 1A) is an all low of one teacher for three babies.

As infants age, this ratio increases to one teacher for four babies.The teachers in the infant room, most of them mothers themselves, are trained in human growth and development, so they can respond to each child's developmental needs.

As with all of our staff, they are trained in C.P.R. and First Aid.

The Morning Star curriculum provides a stimulating environment with colorful toys and manipulative materials for a variety of activities in the areas of cognitive development, language, sensory development, and large as well as small motor skills.

The parents are just as important to us as our babies. We encourage you to visit our facility often. We communicate daily with you about your baby's sleeping, eating, and developmental patterns.

At Morning Star, we believe the bond between baby, parent, and teacher is the most important part of your child's well being. We work hard to create and maintain this bond.

Image of the toodler


The ages of 12 months to 3 years is an important and lively period in the growth of a child.

Seemingly overnight changes in maturity levels bring large differences in abilities and achievements.

For these reasons, our toddler program is divided into three groups, toddler I, II, and III, based on age and/or maturity levels.

During this wonderful age of discovery, a child is full of curiosity, unlimited physical energy, and a quest for independence which merge together to provide a unique stage in the physical and emotional development of the child.

At Morning Star, the child finds an environment in which art and music are used to develop creativity and learning appreciation. By using colors, shapes, and familiar objects, we try to satisfy their curiosity toward the world around them. This learning experience includes the use of discovery toys and puzzles to enhance fine motor development.

A variety of outdoor and indoor equipment provide the means for developing large motor skills as the child expands tremendous energy in play and fun activity.

For our toddlers, we provide consistency, praise, and positive reinforcement. Parental involvement is highly encouraged and appreciated on a daily basis. The toddler staff is professionally trained and highly skilled in early childhood development as well as C.P.R

Pre school image of childeren

Preschool I, II & III

At this stage, the actual joy of learning begins. By developing the child's confidence and instilling a positive self-image, we lay the foundation for education.

Our curriculum is based on hands-on experience and active participation.

Throughout the program, we try to match learning materials to individual needs. Academic skills, such as letters, rhymes, and numbers are balanced with creative experience in art, language, and music.

At this age, children are taught Spanish by use of audio-visual tapes and simple words, songs, and stories. They also begin basic key board familiarity and fun games on our computers. Science and social studies are introduced through the use of such activities as sand and water play and visiting community professionals.

Most of all, Morning Star makes learning fun.

As in all our classes, our staff is thoroughly trained in early childhood development as well as C.P.R. and First Aid. Parents are always encouraged to join in and participate in our daily activities.

Prekindergarten kids playing

Pre-Kindergarten I & II

Morning Star's major goal in Pre-Kindergarten classes is to equip our children with the readiness skills needed in kindergarten and elementary school.

The love of learning really blossoms in this class and children glow as they master each new skill.

Continuing the prerequisites established in the Preschool classes, we also include lessons in proper table etiquette, manners, and following directions. Music, art, science, math, social studies, and computer are specifically tailored for this age group and made fun, enticing, creative, and stimulating.

French is now more conversational, with an emphasis on the child responding and thinking in the second language.

Community involvement and special guests are part of the daily activities.

Spanish, French, and computer technology are part of the weekly curriculum. Math, pre-reading, and self-help skills are encouraged.

The children are encouraged to seek their own individuality while learning to function as a group.

No child is ever pressured to learn a specific skill but encouraged until learning becomes a game and the mastered skill a happy by-product of that game.

Our children graduate from Pre-Kindergarten prepared and eager for the next stage in their development whether they move on to a private or public school.

As in all the Morning Star classes, the staff is especially trained in early childhood development as well as in C.P.R and First Aid.

Parents are encouraged to participate in any activity and are always informed on day-to-day basis of their child's progress.

Kindergarten class room


Morning Star’s Kindergarten Program is dedicated to the fulfillment of the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each child. Our strive to provide an individualized curriculum and personal goals for each student.

We believe that children learn better with lower student/teacher ratios in an interactive, hands-on environment.

We incorporate low ratios, interactive teaching, STEAM, and communication with parents on a daily basis.

Art is an important medium for learning and is undertaken daily.

Nature and natural materials are a prominent part of our curriculum, and field trips and community involvement add to the success of our students.”

After School child playing

After School

This program is designed and offered to children from five to twelve years old. A wide range of stimulating, entertaining, and educational activities are carefully planned and supervised for this program according to the child's age and interests.

Our program consists of nourishing snacks (juices, fruits, and crackers), a bit of rest and chat, games, outdoor play for fresh air, and "lets-do-the-homework!" periods.

Every reasonable assistance is given to the children who need explanation or clarification. Also our computers may be used by children with computer assignments or just for fun.

Exciting art projects are introduced to the after schoolers with baking, group games, (and obviously making a lot of mess) as regular features of our afternoons. Programs such as karate, dancing, and music lessons are also offered if there is interest.

We take pride in our comprehensive and varied afternoon program at Morning Star. We have a different approach to after school care.

Children are not left in front of a television screen for entertainment or left without supervision.

Our "lets-do-the-homework!" period is especially a parent's wish come true. The children go home with completed homework assignments and a chance for true quality time with their parents, a precious rarity in this fast-paced society.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony Graduation Ceremony